Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

1975 Honda Civic ad

No doubt the political correctness brigade would have a few things to say about this nowadays.

Polish railway day FDC, 1972

Depicting a PKP 22 class electric (see earlier) although the stamp graphic looks a bit like a West German E03 class.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New York Central 4-6-0 built in Canada, 1900

Seen in Ontario in July 1956. Info

it must have been quite a flight

1950 Singer Nine

'I want to be different with a real book'

Polish beer label with a locomotive graphic

rowboat in Lausanne - Ouchy, Lake Geneva, Switzerland, 1960

She looks lonely. Ouchy is pronounced 'ooshy'.

traffic on ul. Marszałkowska, Warsaw, Poland, circa 1970

The sezam department store visible was opened in 1969 and lasted until 2014 when it was demolished.  In the foreground is the Swietokryzski Park

1964 Ford Zodiac Mark III

The wheels at least aren't original...

the Barcelona 'allahu akbarist' is shot dead

Daily Mail (UK) story

And there is another story of a 35 year old with "psychiatric problems" (read "Islamist") driving a car into two separate bus stops in Marseille, killing a 42 year old woman -- story

Monday, August 21, 2017

Mt Cook Airlines DC3 and Cessna 185

The Cessna was built in 1961.  For more details of this and many other aircraft, see the book The Aircraft of Air New Zealand and Affiliates since 1940 by Paul Sheehan

the SS 'Kia Ora' enters Nelson, circa 1910

This ship was built in 1907 in Belfast for the Shaw, Savill & Albion Line, 6,558 grt. In 1935 she was sold to Italy renamed Verbania.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Canadian National trains pass through the Morrissey Rock tunnel, New Brunswick

a steam-hauled 'Ocean Limited' in 1952
"the Morrissey Rock was carved out in 1874 to complete the Intercolonial Railway line from Halifax to Québec City. Without the tunnel in the Morrissey Rock it would not have been possible to fulfill the wish of the Québec City Conference of 1864 to build a railway link “ad mare usque ad mare”, from sea to sea, which eventually brought about the conditions for Confederation in 1867. At the time the tunnel was the only one of its kind in the Maritime Provinces. The first through passenger train service from Halifax to Québec City was on July 6, 1876."

Great Lakes self-discharging bulk tanker MV 'Edgar B Speer'

 This is still in use; more details

1929(?) Ford drives through flood water in Auckland, 1934

Friday, August 18, 2017

Cairo is getting a light rail system

It will cover 66 km and run at speeds up to 120 km/h.

Two major Chinese state companies, AVIC international and China Railway Group, signed a deal with the Egypt's National Authority for Tunnels to build a $1.24 billion light rail system surrounding Cairo, Reuters reports.

Running for 66 km and with 11 stations in districts surrounding Cairo, the public transit system will carry 340,000 passengers daily once completed, according to the National Authority for Tunnels' head Tarek Gamal El-Din.

The trains on the railway, on which construction will start in 3 months, will move at the speed of 120 km/h once completed. The exact route and districts the project will be covering are yet to be announced.

The announcement comes in line with China's development strategy Belt and Road, which aims to build transport links between Asia and Europe in order to bolster trade activities between countries in both continents.

1962 Buick 2-door hardtop

Italian 3-phase AC electric loco from 1908

The class E550, a five-coupled-axles type of which 186 were built until 1921 and were used on the lines wired for this until 1965.


1960 Oldsmobile Super 88

1919 White bus

In San Francisco. (

Barcelona gets its turn for an 'allahu akbar' attack

It's been 13 years since the Madrid train bombings (which were more deadly than the attack in Paris of November 2015) so Spain has been overdue for attention from the Islamic State group.

The toll at the the time of writing is 13 dead and 50+ injured, some gravely.

The big problem for authorities is how to stop a Muslim terrorist from hiring a big vehicle and doing this. And even if there's a "no hire" list akin to a "no fly" list, a Muslim terrorist can simply steal one or use a fake ID.

UK Guardian article

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

cars outside the Pacific Union Club, San Francisco, 1940s

A well-known building and one of only two to survive the earthquake and fire of 1906.

British Aircraft Corporation One-Eleven

This one belonged to the Oman Air Force, seen at an RAF Fairford airshow.  It was produced from 1963 to 1982 in the UK and from 1982 to 1989 in Romania under license, known there as the Rombac One-Eleven.


British ship of the coast of Aden (Yemen) circa 1910

A place called Steamer Point.

Victorian Railways 4-6-4 in 1964

R 723, location not stated. See earlier post.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Lillevand Station on the Tryvandsbanen, greater Oslo, late 1910s

Now spelled Lillevann. Opened in 1916, taken over by the Holmenkollbanen in 1920, now part of the Oslo Metro system.


what happens when grade crossing lights are ignored


the maddest country on Earth

the Dear Leader's marching girls
No, not Iran or Saudi Arabia (although both are up there) but the Hermit Kingdom.  Here's an inexpensive book published a few months ago which is worth a read. The publisher's presentation:

For decades, North Korea denied any part in the disappearance of dozens of Japanese citizens from Japan's coastal towns and cities in the late 1970s. But in 2002, with his country on the brink of collapse, Kim Jong admitted to the kidnapping of thirteen people and returned five of them in hopes of receiving Japanese aid. As part of a global espionage project, the regime had attempted to reeducate these abductees and make them spy on its behalf. When the scheme faltered, the captives were forced to teach Japanese to North Korean spies and make lives for themselves, marrying, having children, and posing as North Korean civilians in guarded communities known as "Invitation-Only Zones" - the fiction being that they were exclusive enclaves, not prisons. From the moment Robert S. Boynton saw a photograph of these men and women, he became obsessed with their story. Torn from their homes as young adults, living for a quarter century in a strange and hostile country, they were returned with little more than an apology from the secretive regime. In The Invitation-Only Zone, Boynton untangles the bizarre logic behind the abductions. Drawing on extensive interviews with the abductees, Boynton reconstructs the story of their lives inside North Korea and ponders the existential toll the episode has had on them, and on Japan itself. He speaks with nationalists, spies, defectors, diplomats, abductees, and even crab fishermen, exploring the cultural and racial tensions between Korea and Japan that have festered for more than a century. A deeply reported, thoroughly researched book, The Invitation-Only Zone is a riveting story of East Asian politics and of the tragic human consequences of North Korea's zealous attempt to remain relevant in the modern world.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

tram in Malmo, Sweden, 1970

The system was standard gauge and closed in 1973, although a 2 km museum line exists today. A bit of info here, and, of course, see our books for more.